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The Benefits of Subletting Office Space

Company growth is an important part of business, but it often occurs in uneven amounts. For a small company that has finally been able to build its own headquarters, a sudden slowdown in growth can affect their profits. They might have planned for some of their office space to be unused for the time being, and it might make sense for them to lease out their extra office space until their growth can accommodate a complete takeover of their building. Subletting their own space to another company will help keep their balance sheet healthy, and it is a good way for smaller companies to move up in the world.

Blocking Off Space

When planning and building their own headquarters, many companies devote large blocks of space for departments that are expected to continue growing. It is the easiest way to plan for the future, but subletting might make it difficult to allow each department to retain its excess areas until they are large enough to fill them. Many companies will move several departments together, and it allows them to block off a huge space that can be leased to other businesses. This gives the companies that are leasing space their own set of offices that are within a small physical area, and it makes it easier for them to function. Once their lease is up, the owners of the building can put their original plans back into place.

Adding Entries and Exits

The majority of new companies leasing a small amount of space will prefer the ability to have employees enter and exit the building according to their own schedule. While some of them might be willing to share lobby space with the leasing company, privacy concerns have become important for most modern companies. They want complete control over their offices, so adding entries and exits for the subletting company is a priority. Giving them the access they need is the best way to get a firm contract and begin collecting on unused space.

Reconfiguring Security

There are now many companies that depend upon CCTV Bolton technology, and those that are subletting space might see it as an added bonus. For companies leasing out some of their space, i Security can reconfigure their units for monitoring only their own areas, or they can expand the system to cover the leased areas as well. The ability to expand or limit a security system is a major selling point for any company that needs additional revenue from subletting their office space, and providing security can be an excellent way to boost the amount of rent that can be charged.  Adding additional alarms Bolton to secure each office is also desirable.

It may never be ideal for a company to lease part of its new headquarters building, but it can be a necessity in the modern world. It is often an easy solution for a temporary issue that will resolve quickly as the market heats up again. Downturns are expected in most businesses, so overcoming a deficit by subletting some unused office space is a winning situation for two or more companies at a time when a winning situation will help keep them in business.